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Grow your business by working in collaboration with other
bookkeepers and like-minded industry professionals.

The Bookkeeper Connection Network™ helps forward-thinking bookkeepers grow their businesses. Our strategy sessions allow you to collaborate with other independent bookkeepers and industry professionals.

Avoid The Do-It-Yourself Trap™.

The Bookkeeper Connection Network™

There are two choices available: basic and advanced. Admittedly, you can get the basic choices from many other sources. However, the advanced program we created—The Bookkeeper Connection Network™—takes everything to a much higher level and is only available from us.

We realize however that our advanced program is not for everyone. It’s for bookkeepers who want to grow their business and achieve their full potential. They’re also action-oriented, open to new ideas, and willing to try new things. If you’re someone like that, you might be a good candidate for The Bookkeeper Connection Network™.

We created this network based on our many years of bookkeeping business experience. We’ve learned that many bookkeepers don’t achieve their full potential because they do everything themselves. They also take on too much work and often don’t charge enough for their services; they’re overworked and underpaid. They also feel isolated, overworked and burned out, and as a result, they don’t achieve their full potential. We call this The Do-It-Yourself Trap™.

However, if you collaborate with other independent bookkeepers, you can achieve a much better result. If you have an overload of work, other members of the network can support you. This generates passive income: helping you work less and make more money. As a member of a supportive community, you also feel more connected, healthy and happy. You also have a backup safety net in place plus the ability to provide even better services to your clients. Using this collaborative approach, you are able to grow your business and achieve your full potential

The Bookkeeper Connection Network™ has strategy sessions that help our members grow their business by working in collaboration with other independent bookkeepers and industry professionals.

We help you avoid The Do-It-Yourself Trap™

That’s why we recommend you do three things:

1. Honestly assess your current situation. (What’s working and not working in your business?).

2. Create a vision of your overall goals. (What do you want to accomplish?)

3. Create a plan to grow your business by collaborating with other independent bookkeepers to share your workload, share ideas and knowledge and to have access to professional resources who can help you achieve your overall goals.

If this sounds interesting to you, we offer a free 90-minute strategy session. During this session, we’ll help you assess your current situation and establish clear goals. We’ll then decide together if you should join The Bookkeeper Connection Network™.

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