By Chenine Humphrey, CPB DFA

I was traveling in my vehicle through a part of the city that I had lived at one point in my life. Although it had been many years since I had traveled through that part of town, I thought I knew my way around and set out with a direction in mind, to travel a path that I had traveled many, many times and felt confident I would arrive at my destination as planned.

As I drove closer to my destination I quickly realized the once familiar roads and landscape had vastly changed since I had been there last. Not recognizing any of the buildings, and all the original roadways had changed, I didn’t have the usual paths I was accustomed to following and I very quickly became lost. I didn’t know which way to turn and became discouraged at the thought I wouldn’t make it to my destination.

I finally came to the realization I needed help to navigate my way through the maze of this new terrain and I pulled out my GPS. Once my destination was plugged in, I was given a clear set of instructions as to which route I was to take. Encouraging me to take the shortest route and stay clear of roadblocks and potential obstacles that may delay me. Having that knowledgeable advice guiding me, I avoided driving aimlessly around trying to figure it out myself and, in the process, wasting time, energy and money. I was relieved that I arrived promptly at my destination, none the less for wear.

In your bookkeeping practice, do you feel like you have been traveling down once familiar roads, to find the landscape changing? Is your route becoming unfamiliar and your destination becoming unclear? Are you working aimlessly, not sure which way to turn? Do the terms ‘cloud accounting’ or ‘virtual bookkeeper’ stop you in your tracks? Unsure if you prefer to stick to your analogue way of providing services to your bookkeeping clients, or whether to take a chance venturing into uncharted territories hoping to discover new routes to arrive at your destination? Or are you already lost in the maze of technology and ever-changing regulations, navigating in and out of different areas looking for the right path, but there are too many to choose from and you are unsure which one to travel down?

One way to seek that clear direction is to continually educate yourself on what is available in this industry by upgrading your skills by taking courses, attending seminars or webinars, that will provide guidance through the learning curves in the road ahead. Seeking out a colleague, mentor, associate or a network of peers to help you navigate the maze of new terrain affecting us in the bookkeeping industry, will not only create an environment of confidence to move into uncharted territory, but will also guide you away from aimlessly traveling around trying to figure it out on your own.

The Bookkeeper Connection Network has access to forward-thinking bookkeeping professionals and industry experts who can help you map out a direct route to your desired destination and provide support if you get lost.