By Calvin Wray

What would you do if you discovered that a person representing your business was actually “misrepresenting” your business? Giving a less than stellar first impression or even doling out false or stale information about your company?  Maybe you’re in this predicament right now and you aren’t even aware the problem exists…

Of course, I’m talking about your website! Yes, your website is part of your sales force even if it isn’t actually a person! Your website never sleeps, takes weekends off or goes on vacation. This is awesome news if your website does a spectacular job of telling your story.  On the other hand, if leaving your website to do the talking for you at 6:30 on a Saturday night, or midnight on a Tuesday makes you nervous, here’s a list of things you can do to get your 24/7 sales bot back on track.

What To Do??

1. Set aside a few minutes to read through your entire site. Look for product or service descriptions that don’t match your current reality and make updates. Ensure your headshot is from this decade, and that all your contact info is correct.

2. Test drive your site on your phone (and your kids phone). Statistics show that up to 60% of web searches are now taking place while people are on the move. If your website is not mobile FIRST, chances are you will frustrate a potential client who’s in need of your services. People are impatient and they’ll move on to your competitor if your website doesn’t meet their needs.

3. Get rid of pages you don’t need. A tidy, up-to-date 5 page website is better than a 14 page monster with ragged content and half finished pages. Your website shouldn’t be a storage bin for products or services you might want to get serious about. CAUTION: do this purging carefully. Be sure install 301 redirects (tech-speak for detour signs) so that users with cached pages on their computer arrive at your homepage safely.

4. Optimize images. Make sure that oversized hero image at the top of your homepage isn’t 3600 pixels wide. It might look great on your high def monitor, but if it loads slow, you’ll irritate the very people that are scouting you out. Slow websites kill traffic.

4. Write articles that answer frequently asked questions. One of the best ways to keep your website fit is to add relevant content regularly. Google some of the topics that relate to your industry and provide your unique take on the answers.

5. Review Google Analytics – find out what Google thinks of your website. It’s quite common for people to have a clean, functioning website and still have NO idea how well it is doing its job. Google tracks how many people arrive at your website, how long they stay and which pages they find the most helpful. Knowing this information can help you make great decisions as you move forward. If you need help installing Google Analytics, contact us.

6. Finally, make your phone number easy to find. How many times have you googled a business for the sole purpose of making the call? Make it super easy for a client or prospect to connect with you. Put phone numbers at the top and in the footer. Make sure your phone number converts to a button on mobile devices. Your ultimate goal is to get web users to take the next step and talk to the real live YOU!

If any of these tasks are beyond your skill set, and you’d rather avoid the stress and keep doing what you’re best at, I suggest you connect with a professional web design team. CALL US AT 604 337-1449 or email:


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