By Chenine Humphrey, CPB, DFA       

I recently read an entrepreneurial business book called The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. In that book Eric talks about the future of your business and whether to Persevere and keep doing what you’re doing, or to Pivot and do something different.

I would like to take that thought and apply it to our bookkeeping industry. Traditionally bookkeepers have tended to Persevere because they are unwilling to change what they have been doing because they either don’t know where to go or who to approach to facilitate changes, or they fear the consequences of doing everything themselves to make that change happen.

However, forward-thinking, action-oriented bookkeepers will look at every opportunity to grow by Pivoting in their bookkeeping business to find new ways to do business, earn new sources of revenue and have a better quality of life by expanding their networks to connect with other professionals in their community. In turn, that collaborative environment will not only help that bookkeeper achieve their full potential, but ultimately the bookkeeping community and all businesses, benefit by supporting each other.

To Pivot, first you need to determine what’s working and not working in your bookkeeping business. Next is to create a Vision of where you see your business and your personal life going in the future and come up with a plan. Finally, identify what action needs be taken to achieve your Vision by collaborating with a community of support to help you get there.

The Bookkeeper Connection Network™ provides access to that community of experts and industry professionals who can help you Pivot so you can achieve your full potential as a bookkeeper in a supportive, non-competitive environment to help bookkeepers break through barriers that have traditionally held them back. It also helps you avoid The Do-It-Yourself Trap™

If Pivoting in your bookkeeping business sounds interesting you, we would be happy to do a 90-minute Strategy Session with you, for free, to see if we can come up with some new opportunities to help you start achieving your full potential.

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Chenine Humphrey, CPB, DFA
President, Paper Trail Bookkeeping Inc.
Founder, The Bookkeeper Connection Network