By Chenine Humphrey, CPB, DFA       

I recently realized that I have been in the finance and administrative corporate-world for 40 years. Taking accounting and business courses as a teenager in High School in the 1970’s, and with the exception of a short stint to try my hand as a professional horse trainer, I have been consistently evolving in this industry all those years. In essence, it has taken me a life-time of learning and experience to be able to advise businesses about their bookkeeping.

I had no idea the path that I had started all those years ago would lead me to this place and I am now a little in awe of the history and accumulation of knowledge I have amassed during that time. …and yet, even with four decades invested, I am repeatedly reminded that I am not even close to knowing everything a bookkeeper needs to know today.

In fact, as I continue to educate myself in the bookkeeping industry, looking for new ways to support small businesses and other bookkeepers, I realized how can we possibly know everything that is expected of bookkeepers and be that expert in everything. There’s an ‘art’ to finding that balance of what you enjoy doing, who you enjoy working with, earning the income you need and ultimately having the lifestyle you envision.

On the other side of the spectrum, how can business owners know everything about looking after their own bookkeeping. Not only do they have their own day-to-day challenges of being an entrepreneur and keeping ahead of all the ‘ins and outs’ of their products and services, but how can they effectively educate themselves on all the details of properly maintaining the financial and administrative side of their businesses.

This is where a professional bookkeeper can step in with a network of support to help advise businesses. Providing access to a variety of information and knowledge by connecting with other industry experts who can support you and your clients in areas that you may not have experience in, or possibly do not have an interest in. There are so many facets to how we provide value for our clients and by reaching out to those experts in your network who have those resources you can offer to better serve your clients. Having that well-rounded wealth of knowledge to tap into will elevate your potential as an Expert Advisor.

The Bookkeeper Connection Network provides that access to a variety of experts and knowledge. Our strategy sessions encourage you to collaborate with other independent bookkeepers and industry professionals to help you achieve your full potential as that Expert Advisor.

We’re here to support bookkeepers with all things related to bookkeeping. No matter what software you use, where you work, or how long you have been in this industry. We will help you discover exciting new ways to transform your business and give you the tools and connections to help you navigate the constant changes and provide a positive direction into the future…

Chenine Humphrey, CPB, DFA
President, Paper Trail Bookkeeping Inc.
Founder, The Bookkeeper Connection Network