By Shelley Rudiger, FCPB DFA

​This is an anonymous quote that was included with one of my Daytimer pages (yes that is how old I am that I still have a paper daytimer, but in my defense I keep it at home so no one knows) and is one that you have probably already heard. I really like it, as I find there are times in my life both personally and professionally that I look at that shortcut and think…..hum is it worth it?

It can appear when we are busy in our everyday lives that the shortcut is the best option and it isn’t until we are almost at the end that we realize that it worked but are we really where we wanted to end up, or did we just arrive at the destination. This is especially true as we move into an era of Artificial Intelligence and the replacing of many everyday bookkeeping tasks by automation.

One of the constant challenges in the Bookkeeping profession is ensuring that Bookkeepers are getting the education that they need to do their jobs well and provide their clients with good, accurate information that is going to attribute to the success of the Business.

I think that every profession struggles with levels of education and expectation of those that provide services and trying to make the destination a place that is worth going without taking the shortcuts. The Bookkeeping profession is currently not regulated and so shortcuts are sometime being taken and many may not even realize it with the addition of automation, their roles are becoming more advisory.

What is the place that is worth going? I think it is the place where the Bookkeeper can use their knowledge and education to provide good information to their clients. This education and knowledge may not always come from formal education and it maybe even a part of what is offered through an organization like The Bookkeeper Connection Network and it’s dedicated, like-minded members. We are all part of the destination and we all bring a little something different to the team. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t take the shortcut (remember what happened to Little Red Riding Hood) we are all part of the solution and it is up to all of us to instill the importance of education to make the Bookkeeping Industry all that it can be.