By Chenine Humphrey, CPB DFA

Work ‘on’ your business rather than ‘in’ your business… focus on your ‘niche’… work with your ‘ideal’ client, ‘specialize’ in an industry or software… and the list goes on and on…

These are the buzz-words in our industry that bookkeepers are continually being told they need to pay attention to in order to sell themselves as a bookkeeper looking to provide advisory services in today’s marketplace. As we move from the traditional technician to our new roles as knowledge providers and start taking those steps to change our mind-set it’s, to be quite honest, a little overwhelming.

Where do you even start??

With all the opportunities available to bookkeepers nowadays, how do you begin to narrow it down to what’s right for you? How can you change your approach to figure all this out so you can even start to work on your business, niche, specialty or ideal client? If you are to grow your bookkeeping business (growing could be getting more customers, or making more money, or taking more time off, having more security or simply having peace of mind), what do you need to know about yourself to help you make these decisions?

A good first step to answer these questions is to figure out your own personality-type… what are your natural abilities, what are you good at, what you enjoy doing, what gets you pumped up when you talk about it? Whether it’s speaking in front of a room of business associates or colleagues, or whether it’s to work through a difficult file to solve a big problem for a client, or if it’s networking to meet more people, or to continually educate yourself so you can have the confidence to provide top notch services …what is it you are selling?

The next steps are much clearer once you figure out your personality type. For example, are you are a Dynamic personality and are looking for ways to get your products and services in front of people? Or, are you a Magnetic personality (the opposite of a Dynamic personality), where you prefer having a product or service which attracts people to you.
Or, are you a Storey Teller personality, you are happy telling people about your experiences and knowledge, or are you the opposite Scientist personality and get enjoyment from backing up your information with facts and data. …or, are you a combination of both? You can tell a good story backed up with science.

Once you figure out your unique personality traits, you can then narrow down a plan to start selling yourself. Do you want to get your name and brand out into the market place as a speaker and influencer, or do you prefer to build a really good website and social media brand so prospective clients can find you? How do you determine which personality-type you are and how do you apply your personality-type in your bookkeeping practice to sell yourself?

The Bookkeeper Connection Network™ uses a personality test called The TruMark Index™. This online test gives our members a report which pin points their personality traits and calculates where you fall in the scale. The TruMark Personality Profile™ Report is a seven-page document which helps our members identify their unique strengths and also gives them the tools to help identify areas that could use a little help. We then support our members by connecting them with the resources and partners to help them achieve their own unique growth.