By Evelyn Jacks, President, Knowledge Bureau

Knowledge is Power. You have heard that saying before, I am sure, but as we move well into 2019 and beyond, it is particularly important for you to reconsider how you are going to expand your knowledge, and empower the talent in your circle of influence. AnchorThe reason? Especially If you are an owner-manager of your own bookkeeping firm, your success in building a future-ready enterprise will be impacted by four key trends:

Digital advances are replacing low cost, transactional services like basic bookkeeping, simple tax preparation and data entry. End-to-end automation together with layers of Artificial Intelligence, increased outsourcing and even competition from the CRA and its’ “auto-fill my return” capabilities are emerging to challenge the work that humans do. But this shift can be used to the advantage of highly qualified advisors who are designated specialists.

New regulatory complexity – especially from the Canada Revenue Agency – requires deep and broad technical knowledge from in-the-know bookkeepers with broad and deep knowledge to help their clients through time-consuming personal/corporate/GST or payroll tax audits and avoid onerous penalties. Again, specialization in advanced tax and payroll is critical.

Business owners need help with complex decision-making, especially in the area of debt management, financial and retirement planning, as well as business succession, all of which will require collaboration amongst a variety of critical stakeholders to the success of the enterprise. The highly qualified bookkeeper works at the heart of this circle of professionals providing the necessary information and interpreting the numbers to get the right long-term results.

Business Owner clients require advisory services. They need your confident help to make critical business decisions with the right management reports from their bookkeeping systems and processes:

  • Management Accounting: Business budgeting, planning, analysis and strategy all emanating from the accurate financial statement you prepare
  • Data Analytics: Real time insights to that help business owners identify trends, risks and actions so they can better compete in their marketplaces
  • Operations: Systems integration, risk management and security issues will require your help and advice
  • Human Resources: Talent management, training, and mentorship with the bookkeepers on the ground in your clients’ businesses requires not just great software direction, but the knowledge to educate in all aspects financial, tax and payroll reporting

With the right credentials you can build your own enterprise into a new direction as a vibrant, growing advisory practice ready to meet these demands. In fact, your potential to build a practice that generates great value not just for your clients but also for future successors, will depend on how well you embrace the challenge to acquire the new skills you need to build your sustainable practice.

Knowledge Bureau can help. We have seen how often graduates from the professional courses offered by Knowledge Bureau have grown to become confident business leaders with strong business acumen, critical decision-making skills and cutting edge know-to. Not only do they successfully grow their own revenues while they build equity in their business, but they help their clients to do the same in theirs by becoming their most crucial and valued business advisor.

We invite you to become a DFA-Bookkeeping Services Specialist, a DFA-Tax Services Specialist, or an MFA-Business Services Specialist in 2019. For more information, please call us toll free at 1-866-953-4769 or take a free trial at

ABOUT Evelyn Jacks, President, Knowledge Bureau

Evelyn is Canada’s most respected educator in tax and financial literacy and one of Canada’s most prolific financial authors.  She has penned 54 books for consumers on tax and wealth management, many of them best-sellers, including her most recent, Defusing the Family Business Time Bomb, Essential Tax Facts, How to Make the Right Tax Moves and Be Audit-Proof, Too  and Family Tax Essentials, How to Build a Wealth Purpose with a Tax Strategy.  She has twice been named one of the Top 25 Women of Influence in Canada.

Evelyn is also the Founder and President of Knowledge Bureau, Canada’s leading national post-secondary educational institute for professional development in the tax and financial services.  It is the publisher of over three dozen professional certificate courses leading to the prestigious RWM™ (Real Wealth Manager),  MFA™ (Master Financial Advisor)  and DFA-Tax and Bookkeeping Services Specialist Designations and the new Executive Business Growth Specialist Program. 

Knowledge Bureau is celebrating its 16th year, having grown to become Canada’s only private educational institute to provide career training with specialization in tax, retirement, business building and succession as well as estate planning.  It has trained tens of thousands of advisors and communicates with close to 20,000 weekly. It is also a training partner to top national firms engaged in building highly informed professional advisors and works with small businesses to assist in achieving business growth goals.  

Evelyn is also a well-known national commentator, keynote speaker and budget analyst who has written thousands of articles, most recently in MoneySense Magazine, and for the Toronto Stock Exchange.  Throughout her career, Evelyn has spent countless hours volunteering her time on news, talk shows and chat lines from coast-to-coast explaining rights and opportunities in filing tax returns to millions of Canadians. 

She tweets @evelynjacks.